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HTML5不仅是一门标记语言_它还包含了几十个相互独立的网络标准。到目前为止,所缺的就仅仅是一本手册。使用这本细致、没有晦涩术语的指南,你将学会构建包含视频工具、动态作图、地理定位、离线网络应用、拖放以及很多其他功能的网络应用程序。HTML5是网络的未来,这本书会将你带到那里。 ·查看全部>>
The Missing Credits
Part One: Meet the New Language
Chapter 1: Introducing HTML5
The Story of HTML5
XHTML 1.0: Getting Strict
XHTML 2: The Unexpected Failure
HTMLS: Back From the Dead.
HTML: The Living Language
Three Key Principles of HTML5
1. Don't Break the Web.
2. Pave the Cowpaths.
3. Be Practical.
Your First Look at HTML5 Markup
The HTML5 Doctype
Character Encoding
The Language
Adding a Style Sheet
Adding JavaScript
The Final Product.
A Closer Look at HTML5 Syntax
The Loosened Rules
HTML5 Validation.
The Return of XHTMI
Part Therr:Building Web Apps With Desktop Smarts
Part Four:Appendixes
Appendix A:A Very Short Introduction to CSS
Appendix B:A Very Short Introduction to JavaScript
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